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More than a bass fishing bait…

Verbinator Bass Fishing BaitsNot just another plastic worm – Verbinator Baits put fish in the boat. These are soft plastic lures with a twist of bass teasing, tail twitching, come-and-get-me action that fish find irresistible. The Mad Scientist ensures every single lure is up to the highest standard.

Plus, you can order your own custom colors (though our standard colors are pretty darned cool). Chris has concocted some unusual (and wildly successful) colors in the past – how cool would it be to have YOUR favorite colors on our lures!

Shop our store and check out our great selection of custom molded craws, chunks, flippin’ baits and some creatures you may never have seen before. Our prices will have you ordering more than you thought you could afford, too!

MAX Packs from Verbinator Fishing BaitsVerbinator Baits are perfect for every fishing condition and season. Verbinator also offers convenient MAX Packs of 20, 25 or 50 baits (100 packs available with tubes), so you NEVER run out of bass-catching power! Stock up on all of your favorites TODAY!

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Sign up for our Verbinator Baits E~Zine and receive special offers on our standard color baits lineup as well as custom colors. Verbinator is always testing new colors and making these leading edge fishing baits available at affordable pricing.

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