Verbinator Otto ~ 4″

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The Verbinator OTTO – Your Great Lakes Specialist!

When you want to show the fish something a little different, or when you need a kicker fish, rig up a Verbinator Otto. Ribbed on the sides, it moves water differently than most baits, and is a perfect lure to fish through lily pads – not just on top but strumming it through the stalks and letting it sing. 

Fortified with garlic and available in awesome custom colors, the Otto’s flat segmented tail glides through the water with a subtle, lifelike motion.

* Ten(10) Baits Per Pack
* 4″ Length
* Vibra-ribbed Sides
* Hook Recess for Weedless Rigging

* Subtle, Finesse Flat Paddle Tail
* Garlic infused

Wide body design allows the bait to glide to the sides on a pausing retrieve, and the paddle tail kicks rhythmically on steady retrieves. Sexy curve on the bottom with a recessed back for easy, high-percentage weedless rigging. Great for flipping, on a Free Swing Jig, or whatever you wish! Bass just have to bite it to see what it is, so any way you rig it, it’s a winner.

For the Great Lakes bass angler, hook up with a Verbinator 4″ Otto. You will not believe the realism of the Verbinator Otto in the water on a drop-shot rig – and neither will the bass until it’s too late (garlic flavor seals the deal). The Verbinator Otto is your ticket for smallmouth and/or when finesse techniques rule the day.

Try the Verbinator Otto for yourself…this bait flat out catches `em!

Get BIT with Verbinator!

Please remember to C.P.R. (Catch >Photo >Release) and take care of your fish.
The future of your sport depends on it.

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